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Despite years of shopping for wine on the internet, most people still find it hard to get used to the idea. Wine, after all, isn’t like a book or CD. Holding a bottle, inspecting its label—you just can’t replicate that experience inside a browser window. Yet we do most of my wine buying online. Why? - Unique Gifts & Gift Baskets

For starters, the comparison shopping is unbeatable. With search engines like and Google (which most retailers love), you no longer have to go to the Montrachet; the Montrachet will come to you. Cross-referencing the latest scores and top recommendations is blissfully easy, and especially pleasurable when you can do it at home in your bathrobe on a Saturday morning. 

Selecting a wine site

Certain things separate the top Web sites from the also-rans. Ease of use and good customer service matter, for a start; so does price. But ultimately, what really counts is selection. Perhaps that’s why so many of the 10 terrific sites are established retailers with online divisions: They have the best access to a wide range of wonderful wines.

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Coming upon the long wall of wines at your local grocery store can be an intimidating experience. With so many different choices within so many different wine categories, how can you possibly choose the perfect wine to serve with your meal? Perhaps more importantly, without knowing what all these wine terms mean, how do you choose a wine that you and possibly others will enjoy? To be quite frank, unless you sit down with every bottle and taste it with the meal (not recommended), you will never know exactly what wines will go perfectly with that meal. Wine Gifts-468x60

Wine and food pairing is not a perfect science that you can learn. Instead, Recipe4Living would like to offer some general guidelines for success in pairing wine with food and several do's and don't for the beginner's enjoyment of wine. This article will outline the most popular wine varieties and how they differ. In no time, you'll feel comfortable schmoozing with the biggest wine snobs.